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Style files for the Summerschool 2005 proceedings

To facilitate the process of preparating the Summerschool proceedings, we received style files for typesetting your book chapters from IOS Press.

LaTeX style files (highly appreciated)

The LaTeX style package contains several files. If you have unzipped them into your working directory you will find a file named IOS-Book-Article.tex, which is a sample LaTeX-file for creating single book chapters. You may rename it, delete the dummy contents and use it as your working file. Further instructions about preparing the camera-ready manuscript can be found in the file named IOSPressBookArticleInstructionsLaTeX.pdf within the archive.

Word style files

The Word style files contain the template for Word for Windows. Further instructions preparing the camera-ready manuscript can be found in the file named IOSPressBookArticleInstructionsWord.pdf within the archive.


The articles are limited to 27 pages each.


For further information or even if there are any problems emerging, please do not hesitate to contact Katharina Spies or Tjark Weber.

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