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March 27, 2015

Notes from past Marktoberdorf Summer Schools:

Summarizing, my visit [...] was very inspiring and worth every single minute.

I totally understand why some of the lecturers, after they came as students, made promises to themselves that they would come back, either as a student or a lecturer. Because I made the same promise to myself too.

I would highly recommend this program to fellow students who are interested in being exposed to new fields or who want to get crash courses on basic concepts of formal methods. I had a mostly good time, learned quite a bit and made new friends.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Summer School and am totally proud to be part of it. Many ideas, new friendships and research contacts have sprouted from this Summer School, and I hope to see many, if not all, of them in the near future.

I very much enjoyed participating in MOD. The scientific program was in my opinion very good and extensive. [...] I feel participating has given me not only a healthy amount of scientific knowledge, but also a substantial amount of new friends and acquaintances. Both of these are extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally. [...]

The Summer School Marktoberdorf 2009 was definitely one of the greatest experiences in my academic career. The chance to communicate with great researchers from all over the world, to get to know them, to ask them all the question we had while reading papers, to get an encouragement for what we do and share our visions about the future, to see what kind of people they are [...] Countless experiences made this Summer School unforgettable and unique.

I return to my research with a fresh outlook on my previous work, which should help me to produce a well-written thesis [...] I also leave the Summer School with many contacts from around the world. I look forward to reinforcing the friendships I have made immediately [...] and I will not hesitate to make use of such contacts in the future, whether for a proposal of collaboration, a job application or simply a friendly conversation.

The Summer School was a truly remarkable experience, which I am honoured to have attended. The material presented has significantly broadened my knowledge of formal methods and has, I feel, given me a better grasp on the different aspects of the research area. I feel that the attendance to the Summer School [...] and my exposure to such a variety of formal techniques will have significant impact on my PhD overall as well as the direction my research will take in the near future.

Meeting the other participants of the Summer School gave me the possibility to find out things about their research area. I was nicely surprised to rejoin people I met with other occasions (workshops, conferences or as co-authors of some research papers I read), to discover that the research of some of them is closely related with mine, to get an idea about their work. I'm quite sure that some of the directions of the lectures held and the discussions I had will be materialized in some research work. [...] Not only they give you training in a very particular topic (motivation, principles, applicability, etc.) but also help you establish new collaborations, contacts, or find out latest trends in research.

Many people told me that this School was great in both lectures and activities [...] but it is more than that [...] On one hand, we had so many excellent lectures given by the leading researchers in different areas and my view has been widely broadened by all kinds of interesting topics [...] Not only the contents of the lectures were attractive but also the way of teaching was enjoyable that everyone has benefited as much as possible from the lectures. [...] On the other hand, it was quite nice to meet so many junior researchers from all over the world. I enjoyed a lot talking to other PhD students and learning from each other, besides we had a great time together [...] Just as Prof. Manfred Broy said, it was the end of the Summer School but it was also a new start. It is a new start of my research life equipped with all the things I got from here. I have benefited so much by acquiring a lot of interesting knowledge from the lectures and knowing so many great researchers. I am proud to be part of this year's Marktoberdorf Summer School, and the precious memory will retain forever.

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